Oral History Collections

Making Modern New Orleans (2012-2015)

This collection of interviews by Dr. Justin A. Nystrom and journalist, newspaper editor, and journalist Jack Davis focuses on the people, places, and events that defined the 1970s in New Orleans, a era in which the city’s economy and culture underwent significant transformation into the city we know today. 19 Interviews, mostly video recorded in 1080HD. Collection indexing in process. Transcribed. Category: MMNO

Louisiana Longshoremen (2012)

Interviews collected by Loyola University New Orleans students in the fall of 2012 with Longshoremen who worked along the city’s docks in the age before containerization. Interviews were used to produce a documentary short On the Waterfront: Listening to Louisiana Longshoremen (2013). 8 interviews video recorded in 1080HD. Fully transcribed. Indexing in process. Category: Longshoremen

Creole Italian (2010-2016)

Interviews collected by Dr. Justin A. Nystrom as research for his book, Creole Italian: Sicilian Immigrants and the Shaping of New Orleans Food Culture (2018). 22 interviews, mostly video recorded in 720p or 1080HD. Collection indexing and transcribing in process. Category: Creole Italian.

Deutsches Haus (2010)

Interviews collected by Dr. Justin A Nystrom for use in the documentary feature This Haus of Memories (2012). 22 interviews, video recorded in 720pHD. Collection indexing in process. Partially transcribed. Category: Deutsches Haus

Dooky Chase: The Early Years (2012-2014)

A special project of successive classes of Loyola University New Orleans First Year Seminars taught by Dr. Justin A. Nystrom in which students worked collectively to produce studio interviews of subjects who could speak to the early years of Dooky Chase Restaurant. This included longtime employees, customers, and friends of the family. Recorded in 1080HD. Fully transcribed. Indexing in process. Category: Dooky Chase

The Gig Economy (2022)

Interviews collected in the fall of 2022 with subjects who work or have worked for app-driven services such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, Instacart, and others. Loyola student collected and processed collection. (8) Interviews. Audio only with still images. Fully transcribed. Category: gig economy.

Service Industry Workers (2018)

Loyola students collected interviews in the fall of 2018 that explore work in New Orleans’s service industry. Among these eight, are four interviews with executive chefs including both Greg and Mary Sonnier of Gabrielle, James Cullen of Upperline, and Isaac Toups of Toups Meatery and Toups South as well as another with a pastry chef, Natalia Hess Kopfler of the Freret Beer Room. Two front-of-house interviewees include Jessica Muszynski who has worked at Bayona and the soon-to-open Palm and Pine and Chris Evangelista, a veteran waitron at the old line standard Galatoire’s. Rounding out the eight is an interview with Charlotte Jones, whose work in the city’s tourism economy unfolds in the streets of the French Quarter as a carriage tour driver. 8 interviews, video recorded in 1080HD, 2-camera angles. Fully transcribed. Category: service industry.

Service Industry Workers (2017)

A collection of oral history interviews collected in the fall of 2017 with service industry workers. Collection index in progress. Category: service industry 2017.