Mary Sonnier

I was a butcher of sorts so I did all that in the back of the house, I made stocks, they were giving me a promotion, and they were putting me in the kitchen on the line at night, like, during service, so they hired my husband Greg, I didn’t know him at the time, to take my place doing what I did and so I could go into the kitchen and uhh, so my first enounter with him was teaching him my job.

Mary Sonnier 

Mary Sonnier has worked in the restaurant industry for 35 years. Mary has worked at numerous restaurants including K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen and has since run her own catering business and restaurants. With her husband Greg, Mary serves Louisiana food with a modern twist at Gabrielle Restaurant.

Bibliographic citation for this interview:

Sonnier, Mary. Mary Sonnier Interview. Interview by Tyler Sanchez. Videorecording, transcript, November 19, 2018. Service Industry Collection. Documenting and Oral History Studio, Loyola University New Orleans.

For more information about the Documentary and Oral History Studio’s interview collections and their use, please contact studio director Justin A. Nystrom. This interview and all related material including text and images are © 2018 Documentary and Oral History Studio, Loyola University New Orleans.

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