The Digital Humanities Studio began life as the Documentary and Oral History Studio, a research exercise in the Department of History in the fall of 2012. It started as a place where students could learn how to film high production value interviews. This WordPress-based website launched in 2015 as a place for sharing our work with a general audience.

Over time, the students in Dr. Nystrom’s History A404: Documentary and Oral History have collected dozens of interviews, many of which are available on this site. Increasingly, however, docstudio.org has become home to a growing collection of student and faculty digital humanities projects including senior theses.

In the summer of 2022 we’ll be revamping this site and bring greater organization to our oral history collections and other content as we complete the reimagining of the project into the “Digital Humanities Studio.”

The Studio is directed by Dr. Justin A. Nystrom. If you have any questions about anything you see here, please contact him at jnystrom@loyno.edu

One thought

  1. I am Joseph F Lockwood of New Iberia, La and a member of the Iberia African American Historical Society. Howe Institute was a prep school to Leland College and I came across your article, Leland University & the Education of Freed Slaves in New Orleans, online. We are interest in highlighting Howe graduates as well as the institution. Are you aware of an archive that houses information on Leland graduates that may assists us in document the accomplishments of Howe/Lealand College graduates?


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