Chris Evangelista

Make sure you have thick skin and know that it’s not all about, it’s not all about the money.

-Chris Evangelista

Raised throughout various cities of the United States, Chris Evangelista is still finding his way. In his own words, he is a “free spirit”. After traveling, living, and learning for most of his live, he settled in New Orleans14 years ago. He has been a top waiter at Galatoire’s Restaurant, located in Downtown, New Orleans, for 13 years.This job has acted as a doorway, unveiling the culture of New Orleans in front of his eyes. Although he seems to live a comfortable life here in the city, you can see and hear his passion for adventure through his words. One day, he would like to open up his own farm to table b&b in his home. For now, he continues to bring excitement to those who decide to dine at the infamous Galatoire’s, second-line his way through New Orleans, and bring smiles, laughter, and cheer to those who watch the Krewe Du Vieux parade roll through the marigny.

Bibliographic citation for this interview: 

Evangelista, Chris. Chris Evangelista Interview. Interview by Gabe Borges. Videorecording, transcript, November 19, 2018. Service Industry Collection. Documentary and Oral History Studio, Loyola University New Orleans.

For more information about the Documentary and Oral History Studio’s interview collections and their use, please contact studio director Justin A. Nystrom. This interview and all related material including text and images are © 2018 Documentary and Oral History Studio, Loyola University New Orleans.

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