Nicholas “Sheshe” Varela sees DoorDash as an Opportunity not Available in Other Countries.

“…It’s amazing to me that in DoorDash, you can make more money like in one day than like a person in Ecuador for like a month. And that’s what just keeps me like crazy about this country like how easy it is to make some money.”

– Nicholas “sheshe” varela

Nicholas is a Senior at Loyola New Orleans University who is majoring in business in finance and international business. He is from Quito, Ecuador. Nicholas DoorDashes as a side hustle. The discussion centers around why he decided to DoorDash, the pros and cons of it, why he wished they had a gig economy back at his home country of Ecuador, and how working in DoorDash has helped him as a college student. Additionally, he notes that because his mother has U.S. citizenship, he does as well. Therefore, he can work for DoorDash unlike some of his friends who cannot due to being international students. Nicholas hopes to go back to Ecuador one day, but also hopes that the political corruption will be better by the time he settles there to have a permanent job and raise a family there. To Nicholas, DoorDash is an opportunity that is not available back at his country. Therefore he has taken full advantage of it.

Bibliographic Citation for interview (CMS):

Varela, Nicholas. Nicholas Varela Interview. Interview by Nha Nguyen. Audiorecording, transcript, November 3, 2022. The Gig Economy Collection. Documentary and Oral History Studio, Loyola University New Orleans.

For more information about the Digital Humanities Studio’s interview collections and their use, please contact studio director Justin A. Nystrom. This interview and all related material including text and images are © 2022 Digital Humanities Studio, Loyola University New Orleans.

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