Dan “The Uber Man” Achee and his White Toyota Prius

“And really, Uber is a perfect slice of the population. You know, it’s not like only certain demographics Uber, it’s not like only certain political parties Uber, it’s like everybody Ubers.”

Daniel Achee

Daniel Achee, informally known as Dan the Uber Man, has been driving for both Lyft and Uber for the last few years. Before his Ubering days, he was a bee and alligator remover as well as a full-time college student at Nicholls State University. Since moving to New Orleans, he has been an active driver, working 40 hours each week. Along with driving, he is a part-time high school math teacher, entrepreneur, and medical school hopeful. In this interview, Dan shares stories of his wildest rides, his ingenious business model, and the complexities of basing his income in the App Economy.

Citation (CMS):

Achee, Daniel. Daniel Achee Interview. Interview by Margot Bullock. Audio recording, transcript, November 3, 2022. The Gig Economy Collection. Documentary and Oral History Studio, Loyola University New Orleans.

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