Patrick Pearson

Patrick Pearson is a young, up-and-coming New Orleans musician that performs nightly at the Marigny Brasserie. Patrick Pearson is a very community-oriented musician who teaches music in the area. He is a stringed specialist with experience in brass; the majority of his work comes as a backing musician playing the bass. In this interview, Mr. Pearson details his musical growth and upbringing, starting in the marching band at Riverdale Junior High, through his experiences at the Neutral Ground, and to the current day. He notes the famous musicians he’s interacted with that have inspired him, like the late Allen Toussaint; and counts among his influences his instructor Mr. Venables at Riverdale, and UNO professors Brent Rose and Hank Mackey, as well as frequent collaborator Michael Vincent Liuzza.


  • Interview date: November 20, 2015
  • Interviewers: Kevin Fox and Allyson Aleksey
  • Interview length: 01:05:08; one hour, five minutes, eight seconds
  • Interview location: Neutral Ground Coffeehouse, New Orleans


Patrick Pearson, interviewed by Allyson Aleksey and Kevin Fox, Neutral Ground Collection, Documentary and Oral History Studio, Loyola University New Orleans, Nov. 20, 2015.

Link to full transcript (PDF) in Dropbox

Highlight Reels:

Highlight Reel 1 by Allyson Aleksey

Highlight Reel 2 by Kevin Fox


Neutral Ground Collection

Documentary and Oral History Studio

Loyola University New Orleans

© 2015 Documentary and Oral History Studio

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