Recreating Judy Garland’s 16th Birthday Party Menu

For this project, I have set out to recreate a specific moment in time: June 10th, 1938. Judy Garland’s sixteenth birthday party, famously held at Pig n’ Whistle on Hollywood Boulevard. Here is a photo of the authentic 1939 menu, courtesy of NYPL Labs’ “Whats on the Menu?” Database.

“Pig n’ Whistle Menu” 1939

For my recreation of Judy Garland’s birthday party, I put myself in her shoes to pick out my menu. As a budding young star, I’m going to go with something special and boujee. The Dinner Deluxe menu is perfect for me. However, my agency has been getting on me for the past two years about being bigger than the other girls my age, and I have a big new project coming up called The Wizard of Oz and I’m expected to be looking my best. Since it is just one night, I’ll try and keep the menu light. Here is what I choose:

  • Appetizer: smoked salmon canape
  • Main: Spring chicken saute, Virginia style
  • Side: Brabant potatoes
  • Dessert: Pig n’ Whistle Aristocrat Sundae 

The following video documents my journey in choosing and creating my menu.

This video documents my journey to recreate Judy Garland’s 16th birthday Party Menu. Watch me discuss why I chose each dish and how it would have been presented circa 1938.

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