Christmas Spirit in New Orleans

A Christmas tradition still going strong, a hundred years ago we can see how long the Times-Picayune Doll & Toy fundraiser has tried to brighten the holidays for the city’s children.

During the holiday season many families are filling their stockings, buying gifts for the little ones, and the children are writing their letters to Santa. But what of the families that do not have the funds to provide this holiday season? No worries New Orleans, the Times-Picayune has you covered. For over 124 years, this organization has been giving children in need gifts for Christmas.

They do this through the use of charity events, donations, and other vehicles of gaining funds, the Times-Picayune gives families in New Orleans a means of giving their children a Christmas they will remember. However, on December 13, 1919, it seemed almost as if Christmas would not come to the children of New Orleans. They had only raised $4,000 dollars towards their $10,000 dollar goal. In a last ditch effort the Times wrote an article asking for the people of New Orleans to donate to the fund. Clearly this worked out because they are currently celebrating their 125th year giving back to the community. (If you would like to view full 1919 article click the link below.)

Fun Fact: Between 1913 and 1965 the Doll & Toy Fund was split between black and white children. This is fairly interesting because it shows how progressive and diverse New Orleans is as an area. Hardships among the African American community is widespread during this time. For New Orleans to recognize blacks in the community and give those children in need a Christmas is phenomenal and cannot be said for most of America during the 1900’s. However, now in the 21st century, the Doll & Toy Fund is for all children in New Orleans.

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