A little Now and Then with the Detroit Publishing Company collection.

I sent my students in A History of New Orleans class out to rediscover an image of their choosing from the Detroit Publishing Company collection at the Library of Congress.


Christ Church Episcopal on St. Charles Avenue was a popular image:


Audubon Place was also very popular!


This cool image of the riverfront…


Mr. Price’s addition. Notice that he did a good job of lining up an almost impossible-to-line-up situation. In the old photo we can see the cupola of the Jackson Brewery. This helps us know that the modern photo is relatively close by.


The Old St. Charles Hotel.


Bandari… a different building… some students were stymied by changed addresses and a very changed landscape.


La Louisiane


And today, by Mr. Leach.


The current Supreme Court Building not long after it was built.


And recently by Ms. Audibert. Note in the original the recently built 1908 structure of the Monteleone hotel before the addtion of the 1928 structure next to it.


Old Hickory…


And the VERY popular Gibson Hall at Tulane.

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